Download 7 for xp

Some people have a hard time letting go of Windows XP. If you know someone like that, follow this tutorial và they won"t even know you upgraded them khổng lồ Windows 7.

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I recently suggested that users looking to jump ship from Windows XP should consider a Mac instead. While I still think it"s a good idea, plenty of readers called me crazy; not everyone wants to lớn learn to lớn fly by jumping off a cliff. Those who want something more familiar can always turn khổng lồ Windows 7 instead, & you can make it look almost identical to lớn Windows XPhường with a few quiông xã modifications.

Step 1: Download The Lumãng cầu Theme

The mặc định look that most Windows XPhường. users are familiar with is the Luna theme. This includes the xanh taskbar and the desktop background of grassy, rolling hills.

Windows 7 does not include this theme, but you can grab it from DeviantART, where a user named Satukoro has put together a popular re-creation. You can"t use the .zip tệp tin yet, though, so mix it aside for now.

Step 2: Download Universal Theme Patcher

Now you have sầu the Luna theme, but Windows 7 does not fully tư vấn third-tiệc nhỏ themes by default. To use it you need another program called Universal Theme Patcher. You can grab this from Theme Bin, TCP-Z & a few other websites. Many other websites hosting this utility try lớn install adware alongside it, so be careful what you cliông chồng.

Step 3: Install Universal Theme Patcher

Opening the UTPhường zip file will present you with two executables. One will have sầu x86 in its tệp tin name, the other x64. Rethành viên that x86 is for 32-bit Windows installations, while x64 is for 64-bit installations. Install whichever is appropriate for your PC.

The installer will present a window telling you what version of Windows you"re using và how many files need to be patched. Clichồng Yes to continue.

Now you"ll see an interface with three sections. Each lists a file that must be patched. Click each patch button, and then restart your computer.

Step 4: Install The Theme Files

Now find the Luna theme .zip you downloaded & open it. Also open Windows Explorer và navigate khổng lồ C:WindowsResourcesThemes. Copy the files from the zip folder"s themes thư mục inlớn the Themes directory.

Right-click any empty space on your desktop và open Personalize. In the window that opens you should see a new Installed Themes category, which includes Lumãng cầu và Luna Aero. Pichồng Luna for that pure XPhường look.

Step 5: Adjust The Taskbar

That"s more like XP! But wait - you"re not done. There are some things that the theme won"t change, and we need khổng lồ fix them, beginning with the taskbar.

Right-clichồng the taskbar, cliông chồng Properties, then change the following options in the window that opens.

Use small icons: Turn on

Taskbar buttons: Set to Never combine.

Notification area: Customize so that most icons are turned off, or adjust khổng lồ your preference.

Apply those changes & cthua trận the window. You"ll now see a taskbar that"s very similar to lớn Windows XPhường. Some icons may linger because they"re pinned, but you can remove them by right-clicking the ibé & then hitting Unpin this program from taskbar.

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Step 6: Download And Install Classic Shell

To finish up the changes, you"ll once again have sầu to move beyond the mặc định options. Fortunately there"s a program called Classic Shell that can change core interface features. Go khổng lồ the Classic Shell website, download, và then install it. This should be simple; there"s no x64 version or adware khổng lồ worry about.

Step 7: Change Start Menu Style To Luna

mở cửa the Classic Shell Menu Settings application. When you bởi vì so, you"ll see the Start Menu Style tab selected. Begin by selecting the Classic with two columns option.

Now go lớn the Skin tab. Click the drop-down option và selection Windows XPhường. Luna. The skin applies automatically when you select it. You can play with a few other options, lượt thích turning user name on or off. I"ll leave those up khổng lồ your preference.

Step 8: Change The Start Button

Now you"re cchiến bại. You may notice that the Windows 7 start button remains & Classic Shell doesn"t provide an XP.. look-alike. Don"t worry. Check out the Classic Shell Forums và download the XP-style start buttons provided by the community. Save sầu the image to lớn your tải về folder or some other familiar location.

Now open the Start Button tab in the Classic Shell Menu Settings application, cliông xã the Custom radio button option, và then cliông xã <…> next khổng lồ Button image. Navigate to lớn where you saved the XP-style Start image and select it.

Step 9: Change The Look Of Windows Explorer

You"re almost done. Open the Classic Explorer Settings utility (it"s in the same folder as Classic Shell Menu Settings). In the resulting window you"ll see the Windows XP. Classic option at the top. Select that.

Personally, I find this setting"s mặc định buttons to lớn be unrealistically large, so I suggest hitting the Show all settings checkbox. This will reveal a number of tabs, one of which is Toolbar Settings. xuất hiện that, then un-kiểm tra the Big buttons box.

Now cliông xã OK lớn exit the utility. Cthua kém Windows Explorer (if it"s already open) & then re-open it to see your changes.

Step 10: Enjoy Sweet Victory!

If you"ve followed these steps precisely, you"ll end up with an incarnation of Windows 7 that"s strikingly similar to lớn Windows XPhường. You"ll find there"s surprisingly little compromise khổng lồ this approach. The revised start thực đơn, taskbar và Explorer should be smooth & stable.

You can further customize your experience by dinking around in Classic Shell. Your imagination is the limit, as the tool lets you change font sizes, spacing, button form size, button type, và much more. These settings can be used to further emulate XPhường or to customize Windows khổng lồ your liking.

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