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What does the Microsoft Office Upload Center do? How vày I disable the Office Upload Center? Here"s what you should know.

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Microsoft Office packs a lot of features, but some of these are more confusing than helpful. One feature that might have sầu thrown you for a loop is the Microsoft Office Upload Center.

The Office Upload Center was introduced in Office 2010 and lives on today. Let"s examine what this feature actually does, and see if it"s possible to lớn disable the Microsoft Office Upload Center.

Microsoft Office Upload Center
Older versions of Office were designed lớn save documents, spreadsheets, & other Office files only lớn your local storage drive sầu. However, the integration of OneDrive and an emphasis on cloud storage in modern versions led lớn the inclusion of the Upload Center.

Its purpose is lớn help ensure smooth tệp tin transfers when uploading to (or working with documents on) "web servers," as the info page puts it. In effect, this means when you save files khổng lồ OneDrive sầu or remote servers, such as SharePoint.

By mặc định, when you clichồng Save on a document, Office saves a local copy of the tệp tin to lớn your system. It then tries to upload a copy of this file khổng lồ OneDrive sầu or whatever other online location you"ve sầu selected. If all goes well, you never notice a problem. However, issues can arise if you"re on an unstable connection or run inkhổng lồ a sync error.

Is the Office Upload Center Useful?

Despite what you might think, the Upload Center isn"t useless. Microsoft"s Upload Center help article explains a few situations where it"s useful: mainly when you"re working on a remote tệp tin & thảm bại the connection. This can occur if the server you loaded the tệp tin from goes offline. The Upload Center can also come in handy by letting you know when a tệp tin upload has finished.

On a spotty connection, you can save sầu the document at any time khổng lồ have sầu a local copy, & the Upload Center will take care of updating the VPS copy when it reconnects. As mentioned, it also lets you know of syncing errors sooner rather than later.

If you upload dozens of documents at once lớn a company server, or frequently deal with poor wireless connections, the Microsoft Upload Center is useful and you probably shouldn"t disable it. For those who only work on the occasional tệp tin in Office or don"t ever use OneDrive, it"s unnecessary and you can hide it if you wish.

How khổng lồ Disable the Office Upload Center Icon

Maybe you don"t mind the Upload Center doing its work behind the scenes, but want to keep its icon out of your system tray. In that case, you can remove sầu the icon without completely stopping the program.

You"ll need to launch the Upload Center app to lớn vì chưng this. The easiest way to bởi so is by searching for Office Upload Center in the Start Menu. Once there, you"ll see a box containing any pending uploads. Click Settings above sầu this box to open the options menu.

Office Upload Center Settings
This is a simple settings menu that doesn"t offer you many options. Uncheck the Display ibé in notification area option khổng lồ remove the Office Upload Center from your System Tray.

cảnh báo that even after you"ve done this, the program is still running when needed. You can open it anytime using the same method as above.

Office Upload Center Icon

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You might have sầu noticed that there"s no easy way to disable the Office Upload Center. When you right-click the icon in your System Tray, there"s no option khổng lồ cđại bại it. So what vị you vày if you want to lớn totally disable the Microsoft Upload Center?

There are a few workarounds available for this, but they vary based on what version of Windows and Office you have sầu. Because of this, it"s difficult lớn show one specific method for removing the Office Upload Center.

We"ll point out a few methods that some have claimed worked for them, though your mileage may vary. But first...

Do You Really Need to Disable the Office Upload Center?

For most people, trying to lớn remove sầu the Office Upload Center isn"t worth the hassle. It"s a part of Microsoft Office, & it"s not terribly invasive. In most cases, only business users will save documents lớn SharePoint or remote servers. Thus, for an average user it only comes inlớn effect when saving khổng lồ OneDrive sầu.

You should only see the Upload Center when an error occurs. If this happens often, it"s probably not an issue with the Upload Center, but rather your network connection. You should diagnose your mạng internet connection issues instead. Once that"s fixed, you can hide the Upload Center and carry on lượt thích it"s not even there.

There"s no official method for turning it off, so take the below workarounds with a grain of salternative text.

Disable OneDrive"s Office Integration in Windows 10

OneDrive sầu Use Office Option
OneDrive sầu is included as part of Windows 10, and by mặc định works inside Microsoft Office. Some users report that disabling this integration stops the Upload Center from running. It"s easy to lớn vì, so it"s worth a try.

xuất hiện OneDrive"s options by right-clicking its ibé in your System Tray & choosing Settings. On the Office tab, unkiểm tra the box labeled Use Office applications to lớn sync Office files that I open.

Reboot, and the Office Upload Center should no longer load. chú ý that turning this off will disable some of Office"s collaboration features, however.

Remove sầu the Office Upload Center Processes

Inside your Microsoft Office installation thư mục are many files that Office needs to run properly. A few of them are related to the Upload Center, so you can potentially disable it by messing with these.

Follow the path below khổng lồ locate the main Office folder on your PC. This example uses Office 2016; depending on what version you have installed, the Office16 thư mục may have a different number:

C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft OfficeootOffice16 Inside this thư mục, you"ll find an MSOSYNC.EXE program, which handles files syncing. There"s also a file called MSOUC.EXE, which is the actual Upload Center app. You can delete these, or change their name, to lớn prevent them from running.

But this could introduce errors, & Office will likely recreate them before long anyway. So this is most likely a short-term solution.

Other Potential Office Upload Center Workarounds

Many of the past methods for removing the Microsoft Office Upload Center only work on older versions. There"s no longer an MSOSYNC.EXE entry in the Startup tab of the Task Manager, but it"s worth checking for that if you"re using an older edition of Office.

Some Office 2013 users clalặng that disabling a task from the Task Scheduler can stop the Upload Center as well. In the Task Scheduler Library panel on the left, you should see an entry titled Microsoft Office 15 Sync Maintenance for . Right-cliông chồng this & choose Disable lớn stop it from running.

You can also find the MSOSYNC.EXE entry in the Task Manager and kill it. But you"ll need to lớn vì so each time you reboot your PC, và it could pop up again when you save a document in Office.

Otherwise, the main method of disabling the Office Upload Center seems to be editing a Registry entry. When we checked this, the value that once appeared for the Upload Center was no longer present.

We don"t recommkết thúc editing the Registry for something so minor anyway, as doing so incorrectly could damage the Registry and the small benefit is really not worth it. The Upload Center could easily come baông xã with a future update even after doing this.

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Goodbye, Office Upload Center

The Upload Center is useful for some people, but not much more than an afterthought for others. For most people, hiding it should be enough, but hopefully one of the workarounds proved successful if you really hate the utility.

For more PC pruning, check out unnecessary Windows programs you should uninstall.

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