How to play clash of clans on bluestacks?


Autofarming games on BlueStacks Android emulator for PC is simple & easy through running trò chơi Bots on BlueStacks, as Game Bots, the autofarming tool platkhung, supports Android mobiles & Andorid emulators like BlueStacks as well.

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Game Bots is an intergrated platkhung of auto farming tools for Android games. It has provided all Android players with Hay Day Bot, COC Bot, LOL: Wild Rift Bot, Auto lớn Clicker, Summoners War Bot, Aukhổng lồ Clicker, Tap Titans 2 Bot, , Brawl Starts Bot, Last Shelfter Survival Bot, Asphalternative text 9: Legends Bot và more.

Game Bots has cumulatively assist players in games lớn get a leg up than other players on Android mobiles & Android emulators.

Let's see how khổng lồ enjoy tự động farming games on BlueStacks with trò chơi Bots!

Autofarm Games on BlueStacks Android Emulator for PC

Step 1:InstallBlueStacks 4 on the computer.


Step 2:Go to lớn its Settings > Engine > Graphics Engine > Change it into lớn Compatibility(Advanced Mode)


Step 3: Save it và restart BlueStacks.

Step 4: Go khổng lồ Settings > Display > Change its Resolution and DPI into 1280*7trăng tròn & 3trăng tròn DPI.

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Step 5: Save sầu it and restart BlueStacks.

Step 6: Download trò chơi Bots và games you would like to lớn autofarm on BlueStacks.

* Notice: switch the language to Englishon BlueStacks for trò chơi Bots if it is not.

As Game Bots is developed under English, if the software language is not English, it probably can’t work well.

Go lớn My Games> System apps > Android Settings > Personal > Language và Input > Languages > Add English


Step 7: Autofarm games with BlueStacks on PC!

If you need tutorials, please kiểm tra it on the bot.


If you need any help, please liên hệ us:

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