Firefox browser integration

Add Ons IDM CC for Mozilla Firefox87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93- MozillaFirefoxisareallyintenseinitsversionincrease,lessthan3monthsalreadyoutitslatestversion.

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5. Aftershowingthepictureabove sầu,yousimplyclickthesmalltriangletotherightofthepicturedesignatedblackarrow,toselectoptions.Sothezoomwillbeasshownbelow.

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6. Aftershowingthepictureabove,yousimplyselect"InstallAdd-onFromFile",thenselectthefileidmmzcc.xpithathadbeenstoredonthedesktop.Soitwilllookliketheimagebelow,asthebeginningoftheinstalladdonsIDMCCforFirefox.

7. Aftershowingthepictureabove,yousimplyclickthe"Install"tostarttheinstalladdonsinFirefoxIDMCC. Then click Add.

8. Waitawhile,untiltheinstalladdonsforFirefoxIDMCCiscompleted,thenaftershowing warning"IDMCCwillbeinstalledafteryourestartFirefox",pleaserestartyourMozillaFirefoxbyclickingRestartNowbutton.

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9. IfthestepsorhowtoinstallAddOnsinFirefoxIDMCCissuccessful,thenthecurrentaddonsIDMCCorIDMisintegratedwithMozillaFirefox.
Note: If this IDM CC does not work, you should install the lachạy thử version of IDM. You can download it at this links Download IDM Latest Version

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