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3 chiều Builder is Microsoft’s 3 chiều modeling software that allows you khổng lồ easily design a 3D mã sản phẩm, visualize it or make any modifications quickly. It is a miễn phí solution, installed by default on all computers with Windows 10. 3D Builder is compatible with 3 chiều printing since it allows exporting models in STL, OBJ or 3MF formats. Microsoft also offers a wide selection of 3 chiều models that are ready khổng lồ download for không tính tiền directly from the interface. Today, this software receives many positive sầu Đánh Giá for the numerous functionalities it offers.

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Created in November 2013, 3 chiều Builder is a real gem for Windows users. Soon after its launch, Microsoft announced a partnership with Materialise to facilitate direct 3 chiều printing of the designed models, as well as a di động version khổng lồ allow even more creativity. 3 chiều Builder is based on modeling based on the construction geometry of solids, just lượt thích Tinkercad. For example, the user can represent an object by combining different simple shapes such as cubes or spheres using Boolean geometric operators (addition, subtraction, intersection, etc.).


Once the application is open, the user can directly access all their projects or start creating their model.

The main features of 3D Builder

The 3 chiều Builder software can be downloaded for không tính phí from the Windows Store & is only compatible with Windows. It is available on PC & cell phones, but also on the Xbox One, HoloLens và Surface Hub. As previously explained, 3 chiều Builder offers three main features: creating a 3 chiều mã sản phẩm, modifying a 3D tệp tin, and viewing. When the user opens the software, he can see the recently viewed models, load a Model from a library offered by Microsoft, or begin the creation of their own file – either from scratch, via a 3D scan, or from a Mã Sản Phẩm previously uploaded on another platkhung.

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The creation of a 3 chiều model is quite intuitive sầu since everything is done with simple geometrical shapes: cube, cylinder, pyramid, hexagon, tetrahedron, etc. Simply add, superimpose and cross these shapes khổng lồ obtain the desired result. The user will be able khổng lồ add text on these shapes, as well as change texture, color, etc. The “Display” tab allows you khổng lồ obtain a wireframe rendering, different levels of shadows, transparency, etc., thus offering a very real visualization. Once the Model is finished, you can export it lớn 3MF, OBJ, STL or PLY formats, compatible with 3D printing.


The users can add as many colors as they want.

If you don’t want lớn create your 3D Model, you can start with an already existing file and modify it directly from the interface. The interface allows you khổng lồ insert shapes, modify the size of the object, desize it, etc. Basically, the user can alter the mã sản phẩm as they wish. It’s also important khổng lồ note that 3D Builder allows you to lớn repair objects before printing: the software detects potential defects, and thus guarantees a cleaner manufacturing process.

The application is available in many languages & can be downloaded HERE. Dedicated support has also been created, allowing you khổng lồ follow tutorials, get advice & solve your potential problems. What vì you think about the 3 chiều Builder software by Microsoft? Let us know in a comment below or on our Facebook and Twitter pages! Sign up for our không tính tiền weekly Newsletter, all the lathử nghiệm news in 3D printing straight to lớn your inbox!